Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Why do I Teach?

You! You are the reason that I teach. I teach because there are scientists like you out there that walk into my classroom. Because, you are the future of my community. One day when I am old you will be in charge. That means that you will be the doctors, lawyers, engineers, political officials and anything else that you can imagine. So, when I am in class frustrated because we are taking too long getting materials out, or too busy talking, it is because I only have a year to learn with you! One year to help you become a better version of yourself.  One year to help shape the future of my community. We don't have time to waste! Our time together is much too valuable.

I teach because you matter. Yeah, I could make a lot more money doing something else. I have a degree in chemistry and have been offered much higher paying jobs. But, those jobs are not more important than you. Yes, you reading this blog. I teach because you are my future. And no amount of money is more important than that.